Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VPN on ANDROID

      Currently the use of VPN or Virtual Private Network on the Android OS is common and widely used by all people from various professions. It also cannot be separated from the ease of using the VPN. For example VPN can be used free of charge only with internet quota to be able to download VPN applications from the App store or Play Store. So you can use internet access safely. For those of you who don't know what VPN is? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a modern technology to be able to access the internet worldwide through a secure connection and without a filter.

As we know, there are no Internet users throughout the world who are immune to computer hacking and all attempts to steal data. Some hackers have the ability to be able to disrupt third-party computers after successfully identifying the last IP address. To prevent events like this, you might need to use a VPN. However, in reality behind all the benefits provided by the VPN-based application, there must be weaknesses. Where there are some disadvantages to using the application and it seems so dangerous.

Maybe you as a VPN user already know the advantages of using the application and even feel it yourself. However, it would be nice before you decide to use a particular technological tool, make sure its strengths and weaknesses. This can avoid things you don't want. For those of you who have used Virtual Private Network on your Smartphone or just want to use it, it is not too late. In the explanation below will help you get to know VPN more.

The advantage of using VPN on Android

1. Access certain resources easily

Now many companies have used VPN to enable employees to securely access files, applications, printers and other resources on the office network. However, these benefits can also be felt for ordinary users, you can set up your own VPN and access the network. You can also easily use it without significant difficulties because this technology is easy and fast. 

2. Can access sites blocked by the government

Some of us might have tried to access a certain site. Then a notification appears that the online site is forbidden to be accessed. For some people who easily give up when they also immediately leave the site. However, for people who are smart and curious, they will definitely try hard to be able to open it. That's when the VPN can be relied on, because it can overcome these difficulties. 

3. Overcoming geoblocks

The next advantage is in terms of overcoming Geoblok. To understand this, we need to discuss what is the purpose of geoblocking. Certain groups or sites that practice geoblocking, a strategy to prevent users from accessing content based solely on their geographical location. Journalists and political dissidents use VPNs to obtain state-sponsored censorship. In the case of BBC iPlayer, a UK VPN is needed if you cannot find the desired program on Netflix or Hulu Plus. 

4. Protect online privacy

"Privacy" is the main keyword in the internet world. The existence of a VPN is superior in addressing these needs. For example we always want to be connected to the internet when traveling by using public Hostpot. However, most hotspots are not safe and can be used by those who have bad intentions to find out what keywords you have. So, VPN is useful. Because it encrypts the traffic on your internet, VPNs can help in preventing these irresponsible people from capturing your keywords as well as your other personal info.

Disadvantages of using VPN on Android

1. Contained Malware 

Have you ever thought that a free VPN application could have Malware in it which of course can infect your Android? If so, what are the effects? This can damage the system and slow down your mobile performance. Even without you knowing it can install strange applications that you do not expect. 

2. Theft of Data

Many problems we can encounter in the internet world. One of them is the existence of data theft. This is not a new phenomenon in the world of the internet, instead of even providing secure services, they actually steal data from the users of the application. Why does this happen? because every time you connect through a VPN provider server, their influence can indirectly read all the sites you have visited and even stole them. It also affects your personal data that is on the smartphone. 

3. Data Sales

Data Sales become very detrimental. And this itself has become a "public secret". For example where generally every company that provides services such as ISPs, Google, Facebook and others has indirectly acknowledged that it has sold its customers' data to third parties. Even this is undeniable that this VPN service can also occur. One application that has been known to sell data on users is Hotspot Shield, which sells data to third parties. 

4. Accessing Data

Accessing user data, have you ever heard or read a rule which requires if you want to download an application? At each site, of course, there are various conditions. One of them is about where they will ask for access to be able to read all the history including your data and so on. Indeed, not all companies providing these services will ask for such permission, but most will do that. Including VPN in accordance with the points we discussed earlier.

The description above is complete information about the positive and negative impacts of using VPN. Knowing the pros and cons of a VPN can help you decide whether a VPN application is right for you to use on your cellphone, laptop, computer and various electronic devices. Are the same losses incurred for all electronic devices? The impact of using a VPN on an Android smartphone or for a case on a PC is the same, because we already know the nature of VPN that has universal scale, so the effect can be the same.

If you still want to use this VPN, a good reminder that you should not be tempted to download VPN applications from third parties other than Play Store. Because the impact will be very dangerous. For example do you want all the activities on your Android to be seen by the creator of the VPN application? Like your bank account, browsing history, file downloads, and all your personal data? don't want it right? Therefore, just download it officially on the Play Store. Of the many advantages offered, we must also be smart in terms of its shortcomings. Hopefully this information is useful and be careful! 

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