How to become a blog writer?

today I want to share a little of my experience when I became a blog writer, I myself know the blogger world since I was in the 6th grade in elementary school, when I made a blog copy and paste the results ... I know the name is also a kid. Maybe there are many of you who wish to become blog writers but don't know how to get started. do i have to be a programming language? in my opinion no. all you need is a hand because it relates to writing hehehe. word processing skills are needed when you write a blog, the main purpose of a blog writer wants to present a very good content so that visitors will remember the address of your blog because the presentation of your article is very detailed and clear. then how do I start to become a blogger? Here are the things that you have to prepare to become a blog writer.

  • Set up a Blog Account
For the first one the law is mandatory. many sites that provide free blog services ranging from Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla and many more. Then what should I choose? for the beginning I suggest you use blogger. because here you can extensively change the appearance of the blog to your liking and security issues on the blog are guaranteed. because bloggers are owned by Google's leading application company.
  • Create a Blog
If you already have a blog account, please create your blog with the name you want. I suggest choosing a name must be in accordance with the type of article you are making, for example you like a poem to make a blog with the name of Indonesian literature or so forth.
  •  Blog Display
If you make a blog you definitely need to make a very good appearance and certainly responsive. What is responsive? according to wikipedia Responsive Web Design (RWD)) is a method or approach to web design systems that aim to provide an optimal surfing experience on a variety of devices, both mobile and computer. so the display that you present can spoil the user and is very comfortable on your blog. You can download the blog template for free on Google. but remember! Free and Paid are very different but for the beginning you can use a blog template.
  • Determine Your Blog Niche
This is an important thing that you must determine from now on. Niche is a theme, Suppose you will create a Niche blog with the theme of Android automatically the contents of your blog must be about Android because of what? there's no way we will make a hodgepodge article because visitors will rate your blog easier. example of Bukalapak, the niche of bukalapak is olshop, from which visitors can judge I want to shop online oh yes there is no bukalapak. same as your blog, visitors will find a solution to the damage of the android oh yes on that blog yesterday a lot about the problems of android. Try the article is not the result of COPAS! because it will affect you when registering adsense to get income.
  •  Learn to edit a blog
If you have determined everything, please learn to edit your blog by adding widgets that you can search on Google. for example editing a navigation menu that is useful to make your blog more beautiful and make it easier for visitors to explore your blog.

If you have made the steps above, please make an article and start writing. Try 2 articles a day so you can get income from your blog.

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