Tips for Caring of Laptop Batteries So that Not Easily get Damage

Tips for maintaining a laptop battery that is needed by the user. Many laptop owners have problems with their batteries. Therefore on this occasion I will share tips on caring for laptop batteries so they are not easily damaged.

Laptop battery life is one important thing to note. because battery life is very influential in carrying out daily activities using our laptop. So how to take care of a good latop battery?


The following are tips for caring for your laptop battery so it is not easily damaged that you can apply.

Revoke Charge When It Is 100%

The main factor causing the laptop battery to leak quickly is our habit to forget to unplug the charger when the battery is full. In fact, allowing an electric current to continuously flow through the battery when charging can actually damage the components contained in the battery. Therefore, so that the battery on our laptop stays durable, avoid charging while you are traveling or sleeping.

Avoid Total Dead Laptops

Costs When you are preoccupied watching movies or playing games, you usually forget to charge the laptop until the laptop is totally dead. Without us knowing, the habit of leaving the battery until it is completely used up or reaches 0% can actually be fatal. This is because a laptop that suddenly dies while doing work can cause components in the battery to become damaged quickly. So, try to charge the battery immediately before the battery is below 20%.

Use Original Charger

Make sure you use the original charger or the default laptop manufacturer itself. Never try to use cheap chargers or KW goods just to save money. Using an un-original charger can cause electrical current to become unstable and make the battery quickly damaged by too large or too small inrush currents.

Pay attention to the temperature when charging

Temperature is one of the factors that affect the performance of your laptop battery. Therefore, do not expose the laptop or be in an environment with extreme temperatures, either too hot or cold. These conditions can cause the laptop to work harder, which in turn can drain the battery and then make it lose the ability to save power.

Activate Power Saver Mode

By default, most Windows laptops are set in Balance mode. Therefore, change your laptop power settings via the Control Panel or click the battery icon on the Taskbar on the lower right side of the screen, then select Power Saver mode. This battery saving feature is already available on various types of laptops. With this feature you can extend battery life and save power when in critical condition.


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